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Guide to Samurai Swords

Samurai swords are basically Japanese origin swords that are loved worldwide. These swords were traditionally used by the samurais of ancient and the feudal Japan. Having a samurai sword was considered as a matter of social status and for military operations these were in high demand. In the present times these swords are used for practicing different art forms and for various trainings. You will notice the use of samurai swords in martial arts to a great extent. If you are thinking to buy the best samurai swords and are looking for guided information then you have surely come to the right spot. Here you will get all the vital details about samurai swords.

Here is the guide to samurai swords to help you out –

  • The most popular variety in samurai swords

Katana is the most popular samurai sword and many people even say that katana is the other name for samurai sword. These swords are known for their distinctive appearance. The blade is usually curved in shape and single edged. The sword is supported by a squared or circular guard and there is a long grip to accommodate both the hands at the same time. Katana can be as long as up to 73 centimeters and it has been used since ages.

  • The other varieties in samurai swords

Although katana is the most popular variety in samurai swords but there are other options as well. Some of the other popular varieties are like tachi, wakizashi, chokutu, kodachi, odachi, uchigatana etc. The samurais in Japan used to keep swords in pair form. Thus, with a long sword such as katana the short sword or dagger like sword was also kept. It depends on the purpose of use. The different samurai swords depict different features and were meant for specific uses. Based on your custom requirements you can choose the right type of samurai sword without facing any troubles.

  • The best platform to buy a samurai sword

Samurai swords are manufactured by experienced sword smiths and these swords require great detailing. There are not so many local sword smiths dealing in these swords. Even if you are able to find a sword dealer that sells samurai swords then also it may get very hard for you to distinguish that whether the sword he is selling is genuine or fake. The best thing would be to consider the online platform for buying a samurai sword. You will get a genuine product and that too at best price. You can always check the customer reviews and ratings before ordering the product in this segment. It will give you a fair idea that whether the online source is credible or not.

  • Why these swords are the best?

Samurai swords are one of the best options in the segment of swords. These are known for very short response timing and the striking ability is commendable. You can strike out your opponent in seconds if you are having a samurai sword. For close combat warfare these swords are the best and that is why these are highly preferred for martial arts training. The sharpness and cutting ability is simply unsurpassable and these are not just loved by Japanese people but the demand for these swords is on a global level.

  • The pricing and quality factor

Samurai swords are best in quality standards. These are made using the finest steel and different layers of steel are created with different levels of carbon concentration. The heat treatment is very elaborate which helps in eradicating all the impurities from steel. Thus the final blade that is set is very sharp and the curvature is absolutely perfect. The forging, designing, balance, material quality, longevity and various other things are absolutely commendable about these swords. Talking about the price factor, these swords are having a diversified price range. The price of the samurai sword is dependent on its features, material quality, design and detailing. Thus, if you will search the online platform then you will see that different samurai swords are priced differently.

Some useful tips when you are thinking to buy a samurai sword

Procuring a samurai sword is a matter of pride. These swords are a reflection of glory and social status. Be it any specific training or martial arts these would prove to be your best partner. Here are the tips that you should keep in mind while buying a samurai sword-

  • Always buy the sword from a trusted source. Choose the medium that provides authentication certificate for the sword.

  • Buy the sword that comes with a reasonable guarantee period. If there will be any problems with the sword then you can get replacement during the guarantee period.

  • Never compromise with the quality and authentication of the samurai sword even if you have to pay a little more.

  • Check all the specifications and features before buying the sword.

  • Many samurai swords come with accessories like box cover, wrapping cloth, case etc. These accessories help in keeping the sword in great condition. Opt for them if such an option is available.

  • It is highly essential to maintain the samurai swords for longevity. Polish them and powder them from time to time. By this way rust will be avoided and its performance will remain intact.

  • You can also get a customized samurai sword from a trusted dealer and for that you have to tell about the needed specifications beforehand.


Samurai swords are a symbol of power and perfection. These are one of the finest options in the segment of swords. Their quality is unmatchable and striking ability is truly unparalleled. If you were thinking from a very long time to buy a samurai sword then it’s high time that you should purchase it. Such swords can be used for different purposes and the storage and maintenance process are also very simple. You can easily get the best options in samurai swords from the online platform and the order placement process is very simple from You can order the sword at any time of your choice and it will reach your place in perfect packaging.

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